Petree Block - Automatic Feeder

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"The Petree Automatic Feeding Bowl makes life so much easier. My furry friend now gets his meals on time, even when I'm not at home. Carefree feeding!"

- Celestiall.

"Product works well and is easy to use. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Very nice"


Always On Time!

Ensure peace of mind with the Petree Block Automatic Feeder: your cat enjoys perfectly timed meals, no matter where you are.

Transform your routine and let the care for your cat run seamlessly with our advanced, personalized feeding technology.

Specifications of the Petree Block

Explore the technical details of the Petree Block. Here we present a clear overview of the features that make our automatic feeder special.

Flexible Food Choice

Designed for all dry food: the Petree Block effortlessly processes any type of dry food up to 14mm in diameter.

Ensured Nutrition

Our automatic feeder with emergency battery ensures that your pet never misses a meal, even in a power outage.

Feeding Control

With our user-friendly app, you maintain complete control: set feeding times and receive notifications about the feed level.

Generous Capacity

With a spacious capacity of 3.5 liters, the Petree Block provides enough food for several days, ideal for busy schedules.


Impressive capacity in an airtight compartment!

Convenient Feeding Management!

Experience complete control and convenience with our user-friendly app.

Manage feeding times, receive notifications about the feed level, and easily ensure a healthy, consistent diet for your cat, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Petree Block. Do you have a question that is not answered here? Please visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page or contact us directly. We are always ready to help you!"